"I am a contemporary artist living and studying in the UK.

My work is centred around time and place.  Childhood memories, dreams and feelings are greeted with an array of reactions.  My work is predominantly autobiographical and is highly responsive.  

Drawing games and tools are of deep interest to me and feed my desire to go back to a time when I first discovered my creativity". 


I could be lost-in-time and enter a sacred space 'innocence'.

Jennene Whiteley

Jennene Whiteley is a recently retired educator. Born in Manchester (England) in 1974, her childhood encompassed living in the urban to settling in rural Lancashire, where she works from her home studio overlooking the Countryside.
Her art focuses on feminist issues around abuse within domestic dwellings. Grappling themes of identity and psychoanalysis, she is an activist for Human Rights.
Jennene successfully received mentoring sessions via the Harris Museum through UCLAN and the notable CJAM event.
She is developing a question for a PhD.  She continues to support neurodivergent artists and deliver art and well-being programs in the community.
Her visually stimulating works are direct creations from her memories, dreams and visions. Realised through vintage drawing tools, toys and books, her artist discloses the deepest and darkest - what lies hidden leaves you in a state of query and unrest. 

Jennene has learnt to explore her 'inner child', listening with intent, her visions appear to her in her dreams. 

She responds to these awakening feelings and is compelled to resolve them and seek out the fable. To learn and to share her strength.

Her work is mesmerizing and cathartic; it is uncanny and often of the occult in nature. 

As her current work develops, she will invite you further into her mind.

What you will experience will sit uneasy with you and remind you of days gone by, of developing relationships, of fear and findings and those awkwardnesses that are seldom said. 

You can assist Jennene on her journey by donating to help her share her message of survival.